MONA 24 Carrot Gold Garden


Our 24 Carrot Gardens Project establishes the gold standard of school kitchen gardens partnered with fun, learning activities in the creative arts, culinary arts, science and sustainability.

The whole MONA 24 Carrot Gold Garden concept all started at Windermere Primary School. Mona’s Kirsha Kaechele, co-founder and Director of 24 Carrot Gardens, met a dedicated parent working with students during lunchtime on the fringes of the school oval. Hobart’s answer to Ron Finley (LA’s own guerrilla gardener), Jodie Tune was employed as 24 Carrot’s first Garden TA in October 2013.


Mona’s proximity to Windermere Primary (a fifteen minute stroll along the banks of the River Derwent) led to the first 24 Carrot Garden funding partnership as David Walsh wanted to invest in his own community. Development of a school garden program got well underway with the school’s GROW program, which focused on gardening, cooking and woodworking.


Starting in late 2013, GROW was further nourished by design input from Chloe Proud of Ethos Eat Drink in collaboration with Kirsha Kaechele, Mark Rhodes and Reuben Parker-Greer.


In 2021 our garden specialist Amanda Agrawal works across the school every Monday and Tuesday providing amazing, quirky and real life student enterprise opportunities which link our garden produce, kitchens and canteen.