Want to get involved?


There are a huge number of ways that families can add to the flavour of school life here at Windermere. These include but are no way limited to:


– School excursions, fortnightly assemblies, classroom helpers, reading with students, our MONA 24 Carrot Gold Garden, cooking programs, woodworking program, Colony 47 programs, canteen, School Association, Children’s University trips, the list is endless.


The School Association (it used to be the Parents and Friends) – where parents are involved in supporting and advising the school on different aspects of school life. There are twelve elected members on the association.  Every parent who has a child at Windermere Primary School is automatically a member of the School Association and as such are welcome to attend our school association meetings which are held approximately every six weeks. Currently our meetings are on Thursday mornings from 9:00am.