Supporting Families


School Policies

Our school wide polices are available for download below, from our free to download school app (under the Parent Info link) or in hard copy from our school office.


All of our school policies are in line with the Department of Education requirements. All Department of Education information, support documents and policies are also available from the front office or from the Department of Education website.


Canteen Policy
Allergy Awareness
Bullying Policy
Drug Policy
Excursion Policy
Head Lice Policy


School Support

We are a school who is well resourced with a supportive and professional school support team. This team adds to our teaching and administrative staff as well as our senior staff team to provide our families with a number of ways to assist. Our support team include: AST School Support, Educational Pyschologist, Social Worker, School Chaplain, Home Liaison Officer and Speech Therapist. If you would like to have your child see any of our support team please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.


School Resources

The school has a number of resources to assist parents. These include books to explain dealing with difficult behaviour, supporting resilience, how to listen to your child, dealing with emotions…just to name a few. There are a number of Kids Matters* resources available in handy take home packs. Just ask at the office how to borrow these items.


*Kids Matters is a Primary Mental Health Care Initiative


Teachers and staff at the school are a parent resource. Ask us how we can help!